Logistics Support Analysis
eLSA is a logistics support analysis product based on the S3000L specification

LGM has designed and developed eLSA, a productivity oriented Logistic Support Analysis solution. eLSA allows the creation and management of a structured LSAB (Logistic Support Analysis Record) in a accordance with the ASD S3000L specification principles. The application allows for a flexible workflow while remaining within the guidelines of the specification.

With eLSA every step of your support concept development is accelerated by an ergonomic easy-to-implement and effective application:

Initialise your data repository using S3000L, PLCS or MIL-STD-13882B imports.

Define your support concept for all systems’ configurations.

Build a support system by following an optimised business process and monitoring its progress.

Exchange LSA data with other systems according to S1000D, S2000M, S5000F or S6000T specifications.

Ensure the traceability of changes throughout the life cycle and measure the performance of the support system via reports.

Produce your deliverables by exporting data according to ASD S3000L specifications or PLCS and MIL-STD-13882B standards.

With more than 30 years’ expertise in Integrated Logistic Support, LGM utilized its skills and knowledge to build the first tool made by and for the LSA experts.









Viewer configuration

To consult or validate S3000L LSA data

  • Import and display LSA data from external sources without the ability to modify the repository
  • Support business rules and checks for quality process and validation

Authoring mono-programme configuration

To build S3000L LSA data set

  • All core product functions (read/write, import/export)
  • Limitation to one specific industrial programme or project

Authoring multi-programmes configuration

Same as mono-programme version

  • All core product functions
  • No limitation on the number of projects or programmes supported

Additional modules or specific customisation

  • Customised reports
  • S1000D data modules exchanges
  • S2000M or S5000F data set exchanges
  • MIL-STD 1388-2B, PLCS ou DEF-STAN 0060 imports or exports
  • Interoperability with externals IS - Specific imports or migrations

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